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No Plan? No Worries - Last Minute Stag Do The Boys Will Remember

You’re mate’s getting hitched and it's your job to arrange a stellar stag do. You tell yourself this will be easy, the planning takes a backseat and months turn to weeks. The epic stag do you promised the lads, seems like a distant dream. Wait, don’t pull your hair out just yet, there is help at hand. Our last minute stag do ideas will make sure the chaps do something better than getting hammered at the local boozer.

Up for a hot lap dance boys? No stag night is complete without some saucy adventures. Cap off your bar crawl in the company of some scantily clad ladies. When we set you up with the best nightclubs in your area, you can beat the long lines and enter like VIP’s.

After getting thoroughly entertained by the leggy lasses, show your moves at the dance floor and party into the wee hours. Who says last minute stag dos can't be fun?

So the lads need a bit of sporting action? Why not combine it with a few laughs? Bubble Football anyone? You will be kitted from head to knee in an inflatable bubble. The idea is to play footie while dressed up like a bubble version of the teletubbies.

Imagine scoring a goal when you’re running around like headless chickens. A total laugh riot, this is one of the best last minute stag do ideas. The boys will love it to bits and there will be plenty of stories for the pub later.

How about blazing your way into some stag do fun? Relax, nothing dodgy in here boys. Just some harmless shooting at the ranges. The boys will be brimming with excitement when they lay their hands on an AK-47 or a fast shooting machine gun. Blow off some steam and later you can swap stories over a pint. An action packed stag do activity for sure.

A last minute stag do is no reason for you to skimp on the fun. With our fabulous stag party ideas, the boys will not have the faintest idea that you brought it all together in the eleventh hour. Because when we do the party planning it's never too late for a smashing stag do. So haul up the lads and be ready for a stag party like no other.

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