Activity Days Out

Activity days out are always needed. It is our duty as British citizens to take to the outdoors whenever we can. After all, the fickle British weather rarely offers such an opportunity.

If you’re looking to put together an event for your teams, the great British weather can be easily used to your advantage. Planning activity days out for your teams is the way forward if you’re looking for a unique solution to your team building needs.

When it comes to thanking your teams or making sure they know that their hard work is being appreciated, few things are as effective as a day spent outdoors, filled to the brim with fun and engaging activities. Not to forget, such excursions are perfect for building and nurturing bonds within the teams.

With the right mix of activity day ideas, it is easy to ensure that team spirit is promoted, the employees are engaged, and find a chance to learn something new.

After all, overcoming challenges in an unusual environment is all the fuel you need to push your teams to use their problem solving skills and overcome difficulties together.

This is something that translates into invaluable cohesion within the workplace.

Outdoor activity days are also great for individual employee development. A fun, foreign, and challenging environment is perfect for developing new skills and improve the ones that they already possess. A fun break in a creative and welcoming environment is also a refreshing change of scenery from every day targets and work stress.

As with all corporate events, the choice of activities is critical for the the success of outdoor activity days. With our unique multi activity day ideas, you can rest assured that your employees will be engaged, inspired and motivated for the entire day. At Off Limits®, we understand the importance of engagement to the success of a corporate event. Our specialisation lies in providing innovation and a variety of fun outdoor events and team building activities that are designed to entertain and enthuse the participants while simultaneously supplementing team building objectives.

With over 20 activities like hovercrafting and shooting on the menu, alongside an experience of over 25 years on your side, you can be guaranteed a successful event. All you need to do is get in touch with our corporate event experts, give us the brief, and we’ll make it happen!

Designing tailor made experiences is our forte, so you can rest assured about complete freedom for yourself, and expect utmost flexibility from our side. Get in touch now!

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