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How do you get a phenomenal stag party? Take one part madness, two parts booze and an equal measure of adventure, put it all together in a stag do abroad and you will be in stag paradise. That's what you get when we do the heavy lifting for your party planning. Get the boys ready, put on your fancy suit. Your stag do just got bigger and better.

If all your stag do ideas abroad are as crazy as your bunch, Las Vegas is your go-to place. When the lads have had their fill of gambling, cash in those chips and head to one of the shows on the iconic Vegas Strip. Comedy, mystery, magic, take your pick and be entertained by some great names in the industry. What happens in Vegas will definitely not stay in Vegas when we show you around the wild sin city.

There's no such thing as too much fun on our stag weekends abroad. How about we up the hotness quotient for you? Bangkok anyone?

Sizzling strip bars, awesome food and great beaches, equals stag do greatness on a different level. Petting a tiger like a pooch or eating bugs from skewers will only make your Bangkok stag do more memorable.

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Praying for a stellar stag weekend with the lads? Party gods are pointing towards Cancun. This party town will ensure your stag do is as grand as you imagined. From wild times in superclubs, gambling at ritzy casinos to soaking in the sun on pristine beaches, Cancun has it all.

Stag holidays abroad are just the thing you and your mates need before the big day. So stop staring at the screen and let us give you that smashing stag party, you deserve. We know there’s a mind blowing stag do somewhere in the world, with your name on it.