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Let us make your stag weekend one to remember...

Your mate’s Stag do is round the corner and you’ve been given a challenge. The brief is clear, arrange a Stag do like no other or be mocked for the rest of your life, no pressure. So what’s a bloke to do? Sit back and relax, we say! We have the best Stag do ideas to make your party an outstanding success. Say bye bye to that dingy boozer, your Stag do is going places.

Fancy a rush that will keep you buzzing the entire weekend? You need some adrenaline pumping action. There's a whole gamut of activities to choose from. We can sort anything for you from Bungee jumping and Skydiving routines, to Shooting and Tank Driving. You need some cool stag do ideas and we have them all for you.

Why not go Sphering to get things started. Try hard to keep your lunch down when you come rolling down a hill, inside a giant ball. This one has all the boxes checked, fun, crazy and wild. If giant rubber balls is not your thing, why not make a big splash while Cliff Diving. A seriously heart pumping activity that will get the lads talking about your Stag holiday ideas.

If speed is what you're after, we’ve got you covered. Strap in tight when you and the boys hit the racetrack. See how a human face contorts when you go at mind numbing speeds in a supercar. If seeing twisted scraps of metal excites you, why not go Banger Racing. Smash your way through cars to achieve Stag glory. Or why not try driving a Tank? Nothing is like controlling a mechanical beast and feeling the thrill of driving over the terrain.

For those on a budget we have lots of cheap Stag do ideas which will not let you down. Try a seriously fun bar crawl which ends at a fantastic nightclub or a day paintballing with the boys were you can shoot at the Stag like there’s no tomorrow, all this fun can be yours, and at a bargain price. So get your party hat on because we are never short of ideas for that grand Stag party.

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