Looking for a fun group weekend away with a large group of friends, colleagues or family then let us sort it for you.

 We have been arranging group travel for 30 years, so you know you are in the best hands to ensure everything is sorted perfectly for you. If you are looking for a group holiday in the UK or Abroad, we can sort everything for you.

 We can arrange it all accommodation in cottages, houses, apartments, villas and hotels. Add outstanding activities like cocktail making, boat days, quad biking, bottomless brunches, and our famous It’s a Knockout. Add in evening events like VIP areas, drinks packages, meals, private chefs, and butlers.

We have everything you can think of ready to book to take your trip away to the next level.

 We have been sending 100,000’s of groups away every year for 30 years so you know you are in safe hands, and you can see from our fabulous reviews that outstanding service is what we are all about.

Our booking portal contains all the information you need, so all your group can see what is included along with all the details about your weekend events, including maps and itineraries. We also have an emergency number to call anytime, meaning you have someone on hand to sort anything and everything for you.

 Our portal has an online payment system meaning no more lead passengers being out of pocket paying up front for everyone, as all party members can pay online. This also helps as everyone can pay in instalments making it even easier for everyone to afford your amazing group trip away!

 So, give us a call today to let us know the kind of group trip you are looking for, any destinations you have in mind, whether that be UK or Abroad as we cover all destinations, just as long as you have more than 6 people in your group, we can sort everything for you.

 If you have a budget in mind just let us know and we will find a package that fits your group and budget, so no need for you having to spend hours researching as we can do all the hard work for you, while you just take the glory of sorting an amazing weekend away!

 It's that easy, so get in touch today with your group enquiry and we will get a quote out to you asap!

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Top 10 Tips to booking a group weekend away.

Organising a successful group weekend away requires careful planning and consideration. Here are the top ten tips to ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip: 

Early Planning: Start planning well in advance. This gives everyone time to clear their schedules, save money, and make necessary arrangements. 


Budgeting: Set a clear budget. Determine if the trip will be luxurious, mid-range, or budget-friendly. Ensure everyone is comfortable with the amount they'll need to contribute. 


Accommodation Choices: Depending on the group size and preference, consider renting a large holiday home, multiple hotel rooms, apartments or even glamping. Remember, shared spaces can increase time together! 


Travel Arrangements: Decide on the mode of transportation. If driving, ensure vehicles are in good condition and look to see if you can car share. If flying, book tickets in advance for better rates. 


Itinerary & Activities: While spontaneity can be fun, having a rough itinerary helps. Plan some group activities to ensure group fun together but also allow free time for individual pursuits. 


Dietary & Special Needs: Be aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Also, consider booking meals in advance to ensure you have something sorted that suits everyone.  


Communication: Create a group chat for planning and information sharing. Regularly update everyone on the trip's progress and any changes. 


Pack Smartly: Depending on the activities planned, create a packing list and share it with the group. This will ensure everyone brings essential items like chargers, first aid, or specific gear. You could consider bringing board games, cards, darts etc so decide who will bring what so you don’t double up. 


Decision Making: It's essential to be democratic. Give everyone a say in major decisions. Remember, it's a group trip, and everyone should feel included and heard. 


Expect the Unexpected: No matter how well you plan, there might be unexpected hurdles, be it bad weather, a closed attraction, or a flat tire. Stay flexible, keep a positive attitude, and make the most of every situation. Also add reassurance that booking with us means we are on hand to help.  


Above all, the goal is to enjoy each other's company and make lasting memories. Keep the mood light, be patient, and ensure everyone feels valued and included!  

Why book your group weekend away with Off Limits.

Off Limits is a company that specialises in organising events, including corporate events, team-building activities, stag and hen weekends, group weekends away, multi activity days and so much more. Booking a group weekend away with a specialised company like Off Limits can provide several benefits: 

Expertise: Off Limits has experience organising group events. We know the best activities, accommodations, and venues that suit group needs. 

Hassle-Free Planning: Organising a group weekend can be overwhelming. By using a company like Off Limits, much of the heavy lifting of planning and coordination is taken care of for you. 

Tailored Packages: Based on our range of services, Off Limits can customise your weekend to cater to the interests, needs, and budget of your group. 

Cost-Effective: Often, event companies have partnerships and deals with local providers, which can lead to discounts and savings. Plus, by bundling services, there may be additional cost benefits. 

Safety: Companies like Off Limits are more likely to be aware of safety protocols and ensure that all activities and accommodations meet certain standards. 

Time-saving: Instead of individually researching and booking each aspect of the trip, we can provide a one-stop solution. 

 Unique Activities: Off Limits offer unique experiences and activities that you wouldn't easily find or think of on your own. 

 Local Knowledge: We have insights into local attractions, hidden gems, and the best places that might not be easily available to the general public. 

 Problem-solving: If any issues arise during the trip, having an organising company can be invaluable. They can quickly address problems, find solutions, or offer alternatives. 

 Feedback and Reviews: Previous client experiences and reviews can give you an idea of what to expect and provide confidence in your choice. 

 So, if you are looking to find the perfect weekend away with your friends or extended family, then get in touch with us, as experts we can sort everything for you and plan the most amazing weekend. If you would like to discuss your ideas just give us a call on 01773 766051.  

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