One team. One room. One hour.
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Escapologic is waiting for you, can you escape?

Prove yourself worthy against the ticking clock...

Escapologic the UK’s most immersive, exciting escape room challenges in Nottingham and Leicester.

The door closes. The clock begins to tick. Hearts are racing as adrenaline floods your systems. Your team has one hour to solve the room. Look closely...everything is important.

We’re proud to partner with this outstanding, innovative brand, which consistently delivers enthralling puzzles and immersive atmospheres. Legions of devoted fans return to Escapologic again and again, to retry rooms they’ve failed or take on the challenge of new puzzles.

Our Escapologic team is headed by a resident mad genius, whose imagination and output are phenomenal: new rooms grow so quickly, there’s always something to tackle that you’ve never seen before. And each challenge is more inventive and involved than the last.

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Exhilarating Mysteries Await...

Perfect for gamers, hens, stags, corporate away days and family parties, Escapologic’s brilliant themed rooms combine physical and mental puzzles with movie-quality atmosphere. Each game is a self-contained unit, best played in groups of between two and five challengers. Every element of the set could be a clue, a tool or a piece of machinery. As the clock continues to tick down, your mission is to work out what’s important and what’s not. Will your team put all the pieces together before time runs out?

Every room has a unique personality you won’t find anywhere else. Ever riddle, it’s own special theme. Some are purely cerebral, whilst other require digging in the dirt or scrambling through small spaces. Many can only be solved with teamwork.

The creative design team at Escapologic work tirelessly to bring each room to life. Their hard work delivers spectacular results. These are no ordinary exit games. Using realistic props, soundscapes, actors and video footage, each puzzle puts you at the heart of an unsolved mystery or in an intense, climactic situation. Your team could be piecing together elements of a missing inventor’s machine, rebuilding the last minutes of a vanished couple’s worst nightmare or searching through the inventory of a toy shop for answers to a heart-breaking riddle. Whichever room you choose, one thing’s for sure...when you’ve escaped’ll want to escape them all!

Most of the escape rooms at Escapologic are suitable for all ages. Under-18s must be accompanied by an adult. Please note: Some Escapologic escape rooms have mature themes or contains scenes or images that some may find disturbing.

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