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Let us make your stag weekend one to remember...

Lock ‘n’ Load Boys, It's about to get loud!

Wedding arrangement stress getting to your head? Wondering what would make a dull stag happy? Shooting holes through a target sheet ought to get the job done!

Blow off some steam, literally, with our stag shooting weekends. That’s right lads, bring your game face to the shooting range and get busy!

Try your hand on the infamous Kalashnikov rifle, better known as the AK-47, or go James Bond style with one-shot kills using a real life Walther PPK. We’ve been around the UK and Europe and have shortlisted the craziest shooting ranges, primed and ready for a group of trigger-happy stags.

Fancy some medieval action? How about some Hawkeye action with a bunch of blowing arrows? AK-47s, .45 Magnums, bows and arrows, machine guns, you name the weapon, and we’ll hand it to you, as simple as that.

First time handling a gun? Worry not, as our experienced instructors will show you and the lads exactly how it's done. Once you have learned the ropes, it's time to unleash the carnage in the shooting range!

With expert guidance throughout the activity, the lads will be raining hellfire from actual war machines in no time flat.

Feel like adding some competition to the whole thing? Pop a cap in the big lad without the trip to the hospital! We’re talking indoor paintballing, taking place in urban warfare environment, close to home!

Say goodbye to the old camo suits and open-air arenas, and say hello to modern-day paintballing! Indoor paintballing is just the activity for you if the lads are always hooked on a game of Halo. With futuristic gear and unusual warzones, the boys will not stop talking about this for ages.

With strict gun laws across The UK, taking the stag on a Eastern European stag shooting adventure is surely the perfect way to bid farewell to the single life. The best part is, a visit to the shooting range is a great activity before getting sloshed on a bar crawl in Prague.

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