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Make Your Stag Party All About The Big Game With A Newcastle Stag Party

Pack your bags lads, a Newcastle stag do is all about your love for the big game! A city where football players are treated like Gods, and the game is considered nothing short of holy worship, Newcastle is the perfect place to bid farewell to the single life if you and the lads have an undying love for football.

A classic choice for many stag groups, there is no shortage of activities and venues in this city. The city boasts more activities than you can shake a stick at and is the perfect playground for a group of hungry stags to let loose. If you’re looking for the best stag do ideas in Newcastle, you’ve come to the right place.

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Spend your days playing or watching the very sport that you love, a nice trip down the nostalgia lane! However, this experience comes with a twist! How about a game of goggle football with the lads? For those looking to enjoy more than football, we’ve got rage buggies, quad bikes, tequila tasting tours, paintballing and a lot more.

As the sun sets, we’ve handpicked the wildest, most epic nocturnal escapades in order to treat the lads to the best night of their lives. Head to the infamous Diamond Strip if you’re looking for a wild party where literally anything goes. Those that carry the love for craft beers can head to Grey and Dean Streets to sample some of the finest liquid gold you can find on the continent. Working with a budget? Head to Jesmond for a literal happy hour!

With an experience of 25 years on our side, along with plenty of local connections and resources spread across the city, Off Limits® is capable of bringing the lads the best deals in the city. This means VIP access to the best nightclubs in town, pre-booked tables, activities, nightclub extras, the works. Get in touch with us and sort your stag do out!