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A Stag Party In London That Will Make You Want To Do It Twice!

A stag party is a holy tradition that calls for pulling out all the stops and treating your best mate to the most epic weekend of his single life. If you too, are looking to go down in the history books as the most awesome best man to ever walk the Earth, a stag do in London is the way forward.

Strap on, lads, a London stag do is not for the faint hearted. After all, the greatest city on the planet boasts an unmatched nightlife, along with numerous marvellous day time activities, making it the perfect stag do destination. 

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Working with a budget? Doubt you’ll be able to afford a stag do in London? Worry not as the Off Limits® arsenal is overflowing with cheap stag do ideas in London. Believe us lads, from dirt cheap to lush and luxurious, London has something for everyone. From enjoying some Grand Prix racing first hand, to mingling with a hen group in a stag versus hen GPS challenge, the boys will find themselves spoilt for choice.

When it comes to nightlife, only a few European cities come close. With close to 4,000 clubs, bars, and pubs dotting the city, London is a staggering hub of nightlife that caters to all tastes and budgets. A London pub crawl is one of the most famed stag activities and can be done on virtually any budget.

London, however, isn’t just good for a hangover. With more day time activities than your days can fit, the lads will never find themselves unoccupied. With some of the best stag do ideas on the menu, like craft beer tasting tours, live escape rooms, and paintballing, we’ve got all the classic stag do favourites lined-up for the weekend.

All that is left is making decisions, setting a budget, and getting in touch with us. Then you simply show up with the gang and get the party ball rolling! Confused with choosing the activities or can’t find something you were looking for? Simply let us know and we’ll curate a list of activities and adventures tailor made for you and the boys.