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When Drinking With Scots, Drink Like The Scots! You’ll Need A Liver Of Steel For An Edinburgh Stag Do

Top drawer whiskey, fun-loving women, and a nightlife scene that rivals London, Edinburgh sure knows how to host a stag do. If you’re thinking of a Scot-style single life send off for the stag, Edinburgh is the place to be. Not to forget, the whole affair involves drinking like the Scots, which is a tough job, so pack your iron-livers boys! Going bonkers is an everyday routine in this cultural metropolis, and the amount of day time activities, combined with a thriving nightlife will ensure you and the lads have no shortage of options at any given time. 

How about a round of Scotting highland games to help the lads get into that Scottish vibe? Fancy a rush of adrenaline? Diving off a cliff is sure to get your pulse pumping! Those looking to splurge can also choose a hover crafting experience, James Bond style! Believe us when we say Edinburgh has plenty of options for the groom-to-be to find the last spec of his single life happiness! Not to forget, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is a sure fire way to make the big lad remember this day for all the right reasons!

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And of course, with so many options on the menu, there is always something available for the gentlemen with discriminating tastes. We’re talking whiskey tours and VIP access to strip clubs. While the city has a reputation for being a little on the colder side, stag groups would have no problem combatting the heat with whiskey literally flowing through their veins! 

Looking for a little naughty action that won't upset the bride? A nude-life drawing session is the perfect choice. Pair it with a meal afterwards, and the lads will be primed and ready for a night of some serious boozing and schmoozing.

If Edinburgh is your choice of destination, don’t sweat it with prep, and leave everything to the pros at Off Limits®. Simply give us the brief and prepare to have the best weekend of your lives, we’ll make sure everything is in place before the boys even arrive in the city.