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Drive into Stag Night Awesomeness

What is that one thing the boys love as much as beer? It is some high octane fun on wheels, of course! Add a stag party to the mix and you get some power packed fun, that is sure to leave the lads buzzing with joy.

We have all the activities your awesome driving stag do will ever need. You’ve driven the standard vehicles and thought that was fun? Wait till you get your mitts on some of the awesome mean machines we have ready for you. Your fuel injected stag party fun just got a nitro boost. Strap on tight lads!

Ever thought of zipping around in a military tank? Yes, that's an activity we can definitely help you cross off your bucket list. The boys will be super stoked when a 16 tonne metal monster stares at them menacingly. A qualified instructor will show you the ropes and when you get a hang of it, tank away!

A specially designed obstacle course, some battle maneuvers and crushing old cars. That’s what tank driving on your stag do is all about. If you’re on your best behaviour the tank commander might just let you shoot that cannon too.

Feel like lighting up the track on your stag do? We will make that possible. Get into a supercar and see how fast these machines can go. So what will it be? Ferrari or Lamborghini? Or maybe an American muscle car. Your speed freak mates will have their jaws touching the ground when these beauties line up for their enjoyment. Burnt rubber will smell even better on your smashing stag do.

An amazing stag do calls for some equally amazing driving activities. Petrol heads will have no dearth of options when we do the party planning. So get the mates along and let us show you a good time. After all that high octane madness, the boys will have a bag full of stories for the boozer and your stag do will be epic.

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