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Budapest Stag Do Is All About Beauty with Booze

The beautiful capital city of Hungary is perfect for those who don’t want their stag weekend to be all about the booze because this stunning city has a lot more to offer. Budapest offers a little something for every stag. Be it an interesting culture, a rocking nightlife or making a name for itself in adrenaline rushing activities, it has it all. 

Separated by the famous river Danube, Budapest is made up of two parts. Buda is for the culture vultures of your gang, which the hedonists might enjoy too because it’s so attractive. The second part is Pest, which is where your stag will bid adieu to his single life in the plenty of bars and pubs that it boasts of. For a well planned out stag weekend which caters to all stags, this place provides the perfect setting.

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Lads, if you’re looking for a unique and stunning stag do destination, Budapest is the answer. It’s called Paris of the East for a reason. The magnificent Buda Castle, the bustling bars along the Danube river and the many Baroque buildings are going to leave you lads too impressed to be true. 

Budapest also has a little bit of naughty in it’s nice city. The Hungarian women know how to make a stag regret having his last night of freedom and crave for more. There are plenty of strip cubs for you lads to drool at and then hit the bars to drink the night away. Once you lads are waking up to hangovers, Budapest has it’s famous Thermal Baths to give your hungover selves the exact cure it needs. 

Check out our stag weekend packages for Budapest which includes a range of activities like quad biking, bar crawls, escape rooms, horse racing and much more. If you don’t find something that suits your needs, get in touch with our Off Limits® expert for a customised stag do package just for you.