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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes, we’ve heard this a million times, but nothing better could drive home the point for modern day offices. Mounting pressures, tight deadlines, grumpy bosses, are all the things it takes for stress levels to go off the charts. You need some team building activities for work to ease the anxiety.

We have this under control. With our huge line up of interesting team building activities, the teammates will have a fun day and be motivated enough for the year to come.

What do you get when you you mix giant costumes, a bright sunny day and some laughs. You get ‘It’s a Knockout®’, a brilliant team building event that will have all workmates super excited. This event is a huge draw for all the weary office folk. Imagine letting lose on a slippery slope or running around dressed up as giant penguins, all for team glory. A total knockout of an activity, this one.

If you’re in the need for some quick team building activities for work, try our Stress Buster Sessions. With no long drawn setup and easy instructions, this activity is a total winner. Get all your strained out teammates together for a session of relaxing breathing techniques, yoga and tai chi. Post the session everyone will be re-energised and raring to go.

Something unique on your mind? How about a Segway challenge? Hop onto these two wheeled marvels and let the fun begin. Whoever says easy team building activities for work are not fun, must’ve never been on a Segway.

We have scaled up the fun for you by throwing in a few challenges. Complete the course with fewest penalties and be declared winners. These battery operated vehicles are great conversation starters and the team members will be very excited to go on a ride.

With the amount of stress building up in modern day workplaces, it is imperative that you give your team some fun time to energise and stay motivated. Try some of our team bonding activities to get those droopy shoulders up. Your employees will stay happy and productivity will soar- A total win-win.

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