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When The Going Gets Tough, The Team Should Have Some Fun

Your team is putting in the long hours. Yes, the work gets done, but in the process the team spirit has become jaded. Shoulders are drooping and energy is low. So, what should you do to change things? Some great team building activities should do the trick.

So what, if you only have 5-6 people in the team? Our quick and easy team building activities for small groups will have those sagging spirits back up in no time. After these amazing activities the team mates will bond better and productivity will soar to new heights.

Lets lock you in a room with the boss. No, this is not a cruel joke, this is Escapologic. Perfect for a team of 2-5 people. The activity involves being locked in a spooky room. With clues scattered all around, the team needs to apply their minds collectively and find a way to escape.

How will that help your team bond, you ask? Trapped in a pressure situation the team members will think as a unit. Solving complex riddles and figuring out the way together will help them prepare for situations in the real world. Escapologic has all the areas covered - Fun, Exciting and Stimulating.

The weather’s been good. How about we take the fun outdoors? Let the employees hop onto some fancy vehicles and blow off steam in style. Driving days are great for small sized teams and will make sure everyone gets involved in the fun. Quad bikes, karts, rage buggies or power turns, you choose and let the teammates drive their work pressure away.

The modern workplace is a pressure chamber full of stress and anxiety. You don’t want your employees to feel spent after giving their best at work. So, try the team building activities we have on offer and re-energise your team for some extraordinary boardroom magic. For a wise man once said “A team that plays together, stays together”

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