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Dragging yourself to work each day? Can’t wait for the clock to strike five? Yours is a classic case of the office blues. You need something to pep you up, lift those sagging shoulders and energise you. So what will it take? Team building Games, of course!

We have a huge array of fun activities to choose from. The size of your team doesn't matter. Be it 10 or 100, we have all the means to make your team event a huge success. So line up the workmates, wear something comfortable and let the fun and games begin.

The sun is shining and it's a perfect day to be outdoors. How about some Office Olympiad? A perfect activity for your office team. It will give them a great opportunity to mingle with each other and create bonds that will show even long after the event is over.

Office Olympiad includes games like mini hurdle relays, bouncy boxing, human table football and bungee curling. With all the safety precautions in place, teammates can thoroughly enjoy their day out and further strengthen the team spirit.

Can’t leave the premises for all that fun team stuff? No worries, we will bring the fun to you. How about we lock you and the teammates in a room? Escape rooms are such unique team building games that you need to experience it first hand to feel the excitement.

An hour in a locked room with clues scattered around, the goal is to escape in the shortest possible time. With pressure mounting, leaders will emerge and heads will come together to solve complex riddles. A great team building activity for strengthening problem solving skills.

Want the teammates to unleash their creativity? A Candy Making workshop will sweeten things perfectly. A professional candy maker will show them the ropes before asking to design their own candies. A few laughs and some funny candy later, the team would have bonded and created sweet treats they could call their own. A fabulous team day, for sure.

The modern workplace can be ruthless. The team members need to deliver when it counts the most. Don’t let the stress build up. Our Creative team building games and activities are sure to keep your workforce happily engaged and motivated. After all it should not be perform or perish, rather perform and keep performing.

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