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Are you desperately searching for unique hen party ideas for a bride who is not easily impressed by strippers and a drunken night out? Take yourself all the way back in time and throw her a timeless vintage hen party. Our breadth of vintage hen party ideas and activities are perfect for the brides who are all chic and classy and prefer a touch of timeless elegance without compromising on fun and giggles.

For a crafty affair, try some ‘vintage accessory making’. We will get your girl gang all the supplies you need to piece together some glam accessories straight out of your grandma’s golden days pictures. For all you know, you may end up creating something suitable enough to be flaunted at the wedding!

Want to channel your inner Monroe and Garbo? How about a vintage beauty class? Learn all about your favorite retro diva’s beauty secrets and get expert fashion tips from each decade from our stylists while they recreate iconic looks on you. Once your gang is dolled up with dark brows, bouffants and puckered lips, ‘gram away your looks to your friends and followers.

Alternatively, you can opt for a complete vintage makeover. Rent a limo and drive up to the venue where our team of professionals will give you a complete makeover, akin to your fashion goddess from the bygone era. Follow this up with a professional photoshoot. There is an added bonus to this activity- you don’t have to spend hours on your hair and makeup before hitting the bars at nightfall!

If the bride is more about a day out in the sun with her girlfriends, head out for a picnic with food to match your vintage theme. Think freshly baked tea cakes your grandma used to bake, some sandwiches and a bottle of wine. Find a perfect spot under the sun to lay your mats and enjoy a picnic with the girls.

You can follow this up with a vintage tea and dance party. If you base it on a theme, it doubles the fun. Pick any dance style, from racy burlesque to rock and roll and get into the spirit of retro. If you’re tired of the planning or find yourself blanking on deciding a theme, leave it to us to pick it out for your party and give you hours of uninterrupted fun, complete with snacks, aromatic brew and picture perfect moments.

Think out of the box while planning a bash for your best friend. A vintage style hen party is all the fun and rage with countless possibilities and activities for you to explore. So wind your clocks all the way back and add a retro touch to the hen weekend.

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