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Take the fun quotient of your hen do several notches higher with some fabulous hen party games. No hen party is complete without some fun to embarrass the bride or just laugh aloud with the gang. In a diverse hen do gang, nothing breaks the ice and makes everyone lose the shyness like some drinking games. Hen do games are the best way to make the bride have a truly memorable and silly time before becoming the Mrs.

You can test the bride on how well she knows her future hubby by taking the all time favourite of all hen games, the Mr and Mrs Quiz. Each hen should ask the bride, a question about the groom and for each wrong answer, make the bride take a shot and feel guilty for not knowing her man well enough. Get the correct answers from the groom in advance so that she can’t fool you into taking her wrong answer as the right one.

Want everyone to get drunk and spill secrets? ‘Never Have I Ever’ has NEVER failed in getting some of the darkest, dirtiest secrets out from everyone and also getting them all drunk enough to not remember the secrets the next day. This perfect drinking game will ensure a lot of gasps, laughters and hushes!

A hen do deserves and craves some naughty fun. Play pin the junk on the hunk or a cleaner version, pin the trunks on the hunk. Get all the girls blindfolded and have them pin the ‘stuff’ on the man. Whether you want the junk or the trunks is up to you.

If you think your hen is a daredevil and will be ready for some challenging dares, well then that’s your chance to make your hen friend do all kinds of embarrassing and fun filled things. Challenge her with a range of dares that will make all eyes turn and make the hen turn red.

‘About the Bride’ is a game that will let the bride know what her friends think of her and make her guess who that friend is. Have each hen write down her favourite memory with the bride or just a fact about the bride and make the bride guess who is it by.

We’ve got lots of hen party game ideas and will ensure that there is no dearth of fun and all things sinful on your hen weekend. While you worry about getting hammered, embarrassing the bride and curing your hangover, let us take charge of the execution of your hen night. Check out the wide range of hen weekend packages or get in touch with our hen weekend experts for a customised package.

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