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When it comes to throwing a hen weekend, forget the cliches. If the bride isn’t too fond of a wild night out downing one drink after another, don’t give her the same old recycled recipe for a hen party. Think out of the box to incorporate fun as well as her interests in the hen party. For a bride who fancies creativity, we have a multitude of creative hen do ideas and activities to help you plan the weekend for her.

If Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was the stuff of your dreams as a child, it’s time to turn that dream into reality. Gather the girls during the day and head out to a chocolate workshop to let out creative giggles over delicious flavours. Learn the secrets behind moulding a perfect chocolate with just the right balance of ingredients. The master chocolatier will prepare special chocolates for your girl gang and give you tips on chocolate making. Once you’ve feasted on his creations, time to try your hand at making chocolates of your choice and carry them home. Could it get any better than that? Possibly not!

Who said booze dulls the senses? Try our Cocktail Class and Canapes to experience a cocktail hour like never before. Your class starts with being escorted to a the private area of the city’s hippest bar with a complimentary drink in hand, to having a personal bartender prepare dangerously delicious concoctions of booze while giving you tips on making the perfect cocktail. We give you all the bar equipment you need to whip up, mix and garnish a cocktail. So let your hair loose, chat along, engage in challenges and get tipsy all you want.

If the bride enjoys cooking or is a total nightmare in the kitchen, a cooking class will make for a perfect crafternoon activity. From the cheesy herb flavours of Italian dishes to the spicy explosion of Indian cuisine and the art of rolling a perfect Maki Roll, we have so many cuisine specialties for you to become an expert at. What’s better than familiarising yourself with the art of cooking? Doing it with your best friends.

With food and drinks sorted, how about learning the craft of perfume making? Design a fragrance with scents and oils of your liking. Our tutor will help you find the right combinations and introduce you with the art of making a fragrance. Once the class is over, bottle up your creation, put a label on it and savour it as a memory from your perfect creative hen party.

With our multitude of afternoon activities and creative hen party ideas, there will never be a dull moment on your hen weekend. From making your own fragrance to mixing a perfect cocktail, there is so much you and the girls can do together instead of getting trashed at a club.

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