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So your employees have toiled hard for the last few weeks and brought your company good profits, or there is this conference with your most stoic clients. It is time to break the tense workplace atmosphere and bring some entertainment to the dedicated workers or clients.

When it comes to entertainment, sky is the limit. Ditch the plain old drinks and dinner with the guests and add some zing to the affair. They have earned it after all. We have a wide array of corporate entertainment ideas to help you plan a night of entertainment for your delegates.

Fancy a game of Roulette? Treat the guests to a night of a realistic casino experience complete with professional crouperies. The best part is you can have your Vegas adventure without breaking the bank. Our event coordinators will arrange for everything, even the fun game money so you don’t end up emptying your account. Pure fun and games, this corporate event entertainment will earn you heaps of praise by the end of the night.

Throw the guests an extravaganza straight out of their childhood fantasies. We’ll send you some of our best professionals to wow the crowd with their unbelievable acts. Who doesn’t love circus performers and jugglers after all. That’s not all you get though. The illusionists and mind readers will send the crowd in a gasping frenzy with their hypnotic spell and mind tricks.

Sometimes, the simplest of things do wonders. If ‘less is more’ is your mantra, gather up everyone for a karaoke night. However, we aren’t talking about the plain karaoke bars. We are talking about Xtra Idol Karaoke, a combination of the elements of X Factor and American Idol. So there will be grouping, there will be light hearted harsh judging and musical performances galore.

Our event staff will supply you with all the props and costumes you require. The aim is to breeze through the musical challenges and impress the judges to win the night. You, however will have already won the night by planning the whole affair.

Brainstorming for entertainment ideas for a corporate event can often seem daunting. Gone are the days when a simple dinner would do the job. Now it is all about going big or going home. If you seem to be stuck in the trenches about planning for corporate event entertainment, our wide range of activities and ideas will help you piece together an affair so exciting, you’ll soon be the star party planner at work.

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