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Corporate Christmas Parties, yes It's that time of the year. Festive cheer is all around. Everybody is upbeat and the year will end on a good note. But how do you get this lovely yuletide spirit to work its magic at the office Party? Move over mince pies and mistletoe, Corporate Christmas Events are are coming your way.

We have moved beyond the standard Christmas party. With the kind of activities we have in store, the employees are sure to have a good time before the holidays. So loose that tie and get your santa hat on. Your office Christmas celebration will be nothing short of spectacular.

Get your imagination running wild with our Santa Sleighbox Derby. Think soap box derby with a lot of Christmas spirit and you get a fun activity for everybody to enjoy. When it comes to Christmas Corporate Events, Sleighbox Derby has all the boxes checked- Fun, Imaginative and Quirky.

Teams will need to build a sleigh out of office equipment and get a chance to race each other for an ultimate showdown. Will it be the crafty team from logistics or the brainy ones from legal? Deck up your ride with some fancy artwork, there will be extra points for creativity.

How about showing off your baking skills this Christmas? There's nothing better than the smell of fresh pies in the oven. Let us put together an office bake off for your workmates. Teams divided, aprons on, whisks in hand. Let the baking begin!

With teams scrambling to prepare the best mince pies or scones, this event will bring the whole office together. Who can say no to a fun filled afternoon with baked deliciousness in the end? Great for some year end team bonding, an office bake off is one of the best Christmas team building activities you can have.

Let this year’s Christmas party at work be something unique and totally fun. Our party ideas will make sure everyone has a good time and the the festive cheer is doubled. So come along and a see what Santa brought this time around.

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